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Phone Card Best Rates

Canada 0.8¢
China 1.0¢
Hongkong 0.8¢
India 11.1¢
Indonesia 5.0¢
Japan 1.7¢
Malaysia 1.7¢
New Zealand 1.7¢
Philippines 9.1¢
Singapore 1.1¢
Taiwan 1.7¢
Vietnam 16.9¢
UK 1.0¢
USA 0.8¢
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The best quality prepaid asia phone card, call asia Country international calling cards

Pc2asia delicated to provides with asia phone card and long distance calling card service like international phone cards and prepaid calling cards for over 300 countries. There are over 1000 local access numbers available and you can select the cheapest phone card rate for the Country you want to call to by using our simple search option below. You can shop online, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week through our secured server.
Your Pin number is delivered immediately so you can start making your calls right away!

Five simple Steps to Buy a Phone Card from
  1.Select your phone card.
  2.Click "Buy Now" button.
  3.Enter your Email.
  4.Enter payment information.
  5.Receive phone card PIN within 1 min.

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Best Quality Phone Cards

Miss You Phone Card, asia phone card, china phonecard $19.45
+ The most popular phonecard
+ USA: 1.9¢, China: 1.4¢

Miss You Phone Card

+ Taiwan: 1.6¢, HK: 1.6¢
Lovers Phone Card, asia phone card, asia calling card $19.45
+ Total Clean Card, no fees!
+ China: 1.6¢, Taiwan: 1.9¢

Lovers Phone Card

+ Call your loved ones today
Business Phone Card, international phone card $20.00
· Stay in touch with your family
· China: 2.4¢ Taiwan: 2¢

Business Phone Card

· Never expire if recharge every 365 days

Best Deal Phone Cards

Pinless Rechargeable Cell Phone Card, phone card to asia Country, prepaid asia phone card $18.28
· Save more Money if calling from your cell phones
· China: 0.8¢, Taiwan: 1.9¢

Pinless Rechargeable Cell Phone Card

· Korea & Hong Kong: 1.5¢

China <-> USA Two Way Call

Taiwan <->USA Two Way Call

China Call Back, international china phone card $18.88
· USA/Canada to China: 1.6¢
· China to USA: 4.6¢

China Call Back

· Pinless Call & Rechargeable
Taiwan Call Back,shanghai international phone card $19.45

Taiwan Call Back


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